[Q]: The item I want is "Sold Out". Will you be restocking it?

[A]: We know how frustrating it gets when the item you wish to purchase is sold out. Our best seller /             popular items sell out very quickly; and although we cannot guarantee that once an item is sold out         it will be restocked, we do often restock old favourites. If you would like to be notified once the                   product becomes available again, kindly join our mailing list.


[Q]: Do you sell on Ebay? 

[A]: Yes we sell  on Ebay ( Fabricrepubliquestores) . We offer better deals and prices on this site. If                   there is an item on our Ebay store not listed on this platform , kindly send us an email with the ebay         item number and we will apply a discount if the item qualify for a price cut . 

[Q]: The quantity I require is unavailable and I have an upcoming event / project soon, what should I do?  

[A]: Please do contact us via info@fabricrepublique.com or WhatsApp +447463570750 for sales                       enquires. We can pre-order items in large quantities and we do offer wholesale discounts and free           customised packagings of your choice.


[Q]: How much do I need to order to qualify for free customised packaging?

[A]: You need to order a minimum of 50 pieces of Aso-Ebi Uniform, Lace or Atiku fabrics from us to                 qualify. You also get free Sego Head-tie or/and men’s cap with this deal. I.e. for every 5 yards of               fabric purchased or 250 yards purchased. (250 yards equal 50 headgear). 

[Q]: Does it mean I do not qualify for the Aso-Ebi package as I have 30 female guests and 25 male                   guests instead of 50 each?

[A]: You will qualify as you require over 250 yards in total. Even if the order is less (for instance, 30                 guests), we will work out a discount or freebies to you. Also contact us for discounts for Italian                 fabrics, African print Ankara, Accessories etc. for your Aso-Ebi needs.  

[Q]: How long does pre-ordered items take to be delivered?

[A]: Pre-order items may take up to 2 weeks to be processed depending on the volume of your order               and then 2 working days to get to you.  We will be more specific when you are ready to process                 your order with us.

[Q]: Can I have my fabric cut to my specification and does it apply to Aso-Ebi order?

[A]: Most of our items can be cut to your specification. 

       - Aso-Ebi Lace Fabric can be cut in 3/4/5 yards as the maximum roll is 15 yards.

       - Aso-Ebi Atiku only comes in 5 or 10 yards.

       - Aso - Ebi Italian fabric can be cut to any specification you require.

       - African Print comes in a maximum roll of either 6 yards or 12 yards. Therefore, you can ask for                your fabric to be packaged in 3 / 4 / 6 yards. Kindly leave a note or inform us beforehand.


[Q]: Do you supply traditional Aso-Oke?

[A]: Yes, we do for Aso-Ebi clients only.


[Q]: Do I have to pay all the amount if I am ordering Aso-Ebi?

[A]: Most Aso-Ebi order require a minimum deposit of 80% of the purchase price before we can process         your order.

​[Q]: How do I make payment for Aso-Ebi?

[A]: Once Order is concluded, we will send you an invoice. We only accept payments via pay-pal or our             business bank account. There is a 5% charge applicable when purchasing via pay-pal.

​[Q]: There is a particular design or colour I am looking for but I cannot find it on your site. Do you                     customise fabrics or can you get it for me?

[A]: It depends on the fabric you want. Do send us a picture of the fabric on WhatsApp +447463570750           and we will let you know if we can get it from our suppliers. If it is to customise or get a particular           colour of lace fabric, minimum order is 150yards.  If the fabric you want is on our site but not the             colour you want, Yes, we will be able to customise the colour for you. Minimum order Is 150 yards if         the fabric requires reproduction.

[Q]: Do you offer sewing service for your clients?

[A]: Yes, we offer sewing service only for our Aso-Ebi clients only.

[Q]: I wish to purchase 5 yards of African print but it is sold per yard. Does that mean I will get one yard         cut in 5 places?

[A]: No, it will not be cut in 5 places, instead you will get it in a continuous roll of 5 yards.

​[Q]: What forms of payment do you accept?

[A]: We accept PayPal and Bank Transfer.

[Q]: Which currency do you sell in?

[A]: Our prices are stated in Pounds Sterling.

​[Q]: How long does it take to process my order?

[A]: Once payment is received, we aim to dispatch your items within the next working day.  


​[Q]: How do I check on the status of my order?

​[A]: Confirmations are sent via email automatically once an order and payment are received. You can             also login to your account to check the status of your order thereafter. 


[Q]: It is over 5 working days and I have not received my items?

​[A]: We are sorry to hear that you have not received your items yet, please email us and we will track             the parcel for you. If it is lost or damaged we will send you a replacement. Please note it might take         longer during festive or busy times to get your items to you. 


[Q]: Do you ship all over the world?

​[A]: We offer free shipping service within the United Kingdom. Faster service such as next day delivery           and Saturday Guaranteed service is payable by customers.

       International Shipping: If your country is not mentioned below, we may be able to sort out a private         courier to cater to your needs. We use Couriers such as DHL, UPS or DPD to get your items to you             as quickly as possible. Orders weighing less than 1kg are dispatched by Royal Mail Tracked and               Signed Service. Please check our shipping prices at the shipping section.


       In some countries, there may be customs duty or state taxes charged when your parcel arrives, we         are not responsible for these charges.


       We aim to deliver your items to you within 5 working days.

       Countries we ship to:

       Denmark / Greece / Italy / Portugal / Spain / Sweden

       Germany / Austria / Belgium / France / Netherland / Ireland

       Australia / Canada / United States


[Q]: How many yards do I require to make an outfit? 

[A]: We recommend the following:

       - Atiku (Men): For a 2-piece outfit (Shirt and trouser) -  5 yards for any size and 3-piece outfit                        (including Agbada) - 10 yards for any size. You may have 2 yards left over to make top and bottom            for your little boy below 3 years old.

       - Italian Cotton: We recommend 4 yards to make top and trouser for all sizes or 7 yards if you want            to include Agbada.

       - African Print Ankara: For women, you may need 4 - 6 yards depending on the style you wish to                  make and for Men we recommend 4 - 5 yards for top and bottom. 2 yards will be enough to make             just a T- shirt.


       - Lace Fabric: We recommend 3 yards for a simple style. Plus size may require 4 - 5 yards. Men will            require 4-5 yards for top and bottom and if you wish to include Agbada, we recommend 8 - 10                  yards. 

[Q]: Can I modify or cancel my order?
[A]: If the order is not processed and dispatched you may be able to cancel your order.


[Q]: I wish to return my purchase.

​[A]: Customers have 30 days to return most items to us and must contact us within 7 days of                           receiving the items. We do not accept returns on Aso-Ebi pre-order items which will be clearly                 stated on your invoice.  


​More Questions:

​        If you have further questions chat with us or contact info@fabricrepublique.com

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